The Supporting Cast – The Skinny

Well for those of you who have faithfully followed this blog, there will be those characters you know and love. I decided it would be remiss to not tell you something more about them. After all, without them, very little would happen to me….


Big Boots

Former housemate and long-term joint-best friend Big Boots is a calligraphy enthusiast whose hair used to be the colour of strange peaches, until he was sued by Wierd Al Yankovic. He lives with eight ferrets and a small spatula, that he mainly uses to spatch things. Which is part of why we don’t live together any more.


My Brother

You may be wondering why I never mention his name. Well, I do. It’s ‘My Brother’ which was quite forward thinking of his parents. Who are my parents. Hence being brothers. The good news is that he has recently got a job crafting small leaves into industrial glue.


Richard Moss

<the picture is too frightening to display>

Richard Moss has devoted his life to the hunt for Chuck Norris. As the only man who could contain him with only his face, Richard Moss has finally yielded to the internet/The Metro campaign to get him to spend at least four years searching. If you’d like to donate to his ‘eating fund’ then please do. That man eats. Unless he has bears to fight. In which case he normally eats the bears.


Housemate That Never Was Dan Mac

Dan Mac was nearly our housemate, until he married a young woman and had an unexpected disturbance. His house was littered, and a baseball bat had been used. The scales of the event was unprecedented. Housemate That Never Was Dan Mac is still alive. And occasionally mauls folk.


World Renowned (but not for his cooking skills) Chef Dave

Dave has since become a children’s entertainer. His brand of work-out-minute-details-about-your-life-from-obscure-stuff-about-your-person entertainment is quite unsuccessful, and Dave is quite depressed. However, things have recently started looking up when he got given a car. Or a scar. One of those.



Colin is a surprisingly short man with a long fuse. He will only get angry over certain things. Don’t you dare suggest a short ride in a golf buggy, because if you do…. you will get it, and he won’t shut up about the last time he rode in a golf buggy, when that cat dove at him from out of a helicopter that was taking off because it was covered in dogs. Some people just can’t live with the consequences of their actions. Colin can.



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