Old News – The History Of The Blog (And Acknowledgements)

Dan Mohr began blogging in October 2010 a long time after blogging became popular. He was late to the party. Just like he was with MySpace. With Facebook. With puberty. But he has made up for it in all of those things! You can hear Dan Mohr’s music on http://www.myspace.com/danmohrlive, pretend you know Dan Mohr on Facebook and gaze skywards at his mustard-like growth.

And now you can read his blogs.

But no! He wasn’t the first! And neither was he the second! For the second was MGL! The man of moderately good looking dimbles took inspiration from every other blogger in the world and turned it into a celebrated blog.

Which inspired Dan Mohr.

Who blogged the news. And brought us such classic characters as Big Boots, the happy-go-lucky scamp with a dark secret; as Truckstonite, the man who can spin small animals without them knowing; as My Brother, who is related to Dan Mohr. By blood.

Now just turn up to this lovely website on the first day of every month to find out what Dan Mohr’s been up to, and see how big those boots really are.



Dan Mohr would like to thank the following:

Big Boots – for Spaceballs.

Colin – for the nautical excellence .

Chewy Cip Cip/Fizzy Chewit Head/My Brother – for not being as good as me.

MGL – for knowing when you’ve been beaten.

Rich Moss – for that time with the bears and a picture of you.

Sedge – for not buying that knife.

St. Don – for all the wiping.

The Newton Dance – for laughing the original inspiration for the X-Men.

Truckstonite – for being Jaap Stam. The Jaap Stam of friendship.

World Renowned (but not for his cooking skills) Chef Dave – for all the hairy chips.


Andy Wall – for the obscure references


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