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Hi folks. Been a while. So let’s just get this one out there. Many of you will have seen one of my new favourite movies of all time – Captain America: Civil War. What a movie! And after having bought the blu-ray, watched it with commentary, and bought a mug that replaces Scarlet Witch with Agent 13 (not a good swap in any battle, unless you can only have a limited amount of foreigners in your Avengers XI.) I have discovered more and more how much I appreciate the intricacies of this film.

But wouldn’t you know it? I found a flaw. A flaw that… as far as I can see…. nobody online has picked up on! Hooray! I’m the best!

I am so Iron Man. If he had poor vision. Which I suppose Vision is really. Do Avengers get paid? I think Vision is unemployed. Unemployed people shouldn’t be spending money on paprika. Unless it’s a romantic gift for a woman who may get subbed out on FIFA Avengers rules.

Flipping corrupt FIFA. If FIFA had done the Sokovia Accords Helmut Zemo could have just bribed Civil War into happening.

The mistake is this. And it really shows the extent that we as fans pick apart these movies. When Captain America receives a text saying that Peggy Carter has died, the Marvel researchers did their homework in Googling what a London telephone number would look like. What thoroughness! Excellent work! Now that is attention to detail!

To a wrong detail.

The scene only flashes on the screen for an instant, but it was just long enough for me to see the ‘020’ number and think ‘hey! that’s a genuine london phone number! nice one!’ Unfortunately, I also thought ‘but hold on… that’s a landline number.’

For those who are not aware, in the UK all mobile (cell) numbers begin with 07. No variation with location. Simply 07 and then 9 more digits. Landline numbers vary, but landline numbers cannot send text messages.

Oh no!

Oh Marvel. So close. You tried so hard. You may have redeemed Spiderman. You may have made Ant-Man officially off the charts superb. You may even have convinced us all that Marisa Tomei should be the new Gwyneth Paltrow. But you didn’t get this one past me.

I may have been the only one to notice. Or more importantly, to care. And if so, so be it.

The chink in Marvel’s armour.

Who knew?