University Elections! My School Rep Manifesto

Posted: October 22, 2011 in As If I Actually Ended Up Going To Uni, DVD Bonus Features

I am in the SU. Welfare VP is polite, smiling through her tears as I hairdry her face with course complaints. Academic VP leans over, and interrupts. Welfare VP breathes, and redoes her hair.

“Would you be interested in becoming a School Rep, Dan?”

Humm. I don’t know. As a Student Nurse I’m probably gonna get pretty busy.

“I don’t know. As a Student Nurse I’m probably gonna get pretty busy.”

“You’ll get paid £70 a term!”

“Right. Whatever.”

“Well you just seem like the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to raise issues.”


“So how would you feel getting to address the SHaW Dean about issues?”

“Is he like… the boss?

“Of the School of Health and Wellbeing, yeah.”


“Well, think about it.”

I think about it. And get excited!

I get to fight for change, make change, and see change! All the stupid things that need sorting out! The IPL module! The lack of recycling! The social learning area opening times!…


I get to fight WOLF!

I wonder if I could fight a wolf. I decide I probably could, but would definitely end up in its’ bloodstream.

I decide not to fight a wolf.

And go back to Academic VP.

“I’m in!”


I’m about getting things done. Diplomatically conveying real issues and influencing common sense change.

Together we’ll need the change.

Together let’s make the change.

Together let’s see the change.


  1. Andrew Wan says:

    Together we can get enough change to buy an extra large slushie… and what the heck is a “social learning area”?? Is that a place where people get to practise hand shakes and non verbal communication?

    School of Health and…WELLBEING? “Hi, I’m Dan. I’ll be your nurse today……how are you feeeeling?”

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