Yesterday i went to work for the first time since i got back from Street Invaders. Work isn’t plentiful right now so this was a bit of a big deal. I endured one of the pedestrian journeys of my life into Birmingham and ended up being shown how to use a mop (using a toilet) by a little infuriating chinese man who continued to bark the same orders at us all day ‘by model’ and ‘keep moving’.

Fortunately i was only there for a morning.

I arrive and the container i’m meant to be helping to unload hasn’t arrived yet, hence the mop being thrust into my hand. (and the toilet). Soon after i’d finished mopping that immediately unnoticeably mopped floor and without banging my head on the ceiling i couldn’t stand up under more than once, the truck arrived and so we began unloading these boxes. I say we… The little chinese boss did. So he pulls out the ones he can, and because of his shrimpiness the whole thing begins to look a little unstable. Each box in the container weighs 20kgs. That’s at least 4 or 5 turnips. I dare not think how many bowls of creamy mash potato. I suggest that maybe me, being… different, may be able to reach the top boxes off just to make it a bit safer. After all, we are unloading downhill….

The boss says something with a chinese accent along the lines of ‘by model’ and i turn round and leave him to it.


I can’t see any more.

I put my glasses on.

There are boxes on the floor, and a big laceration to the inside of my ear. Why the ear?

I just got clattered by falling boxes. 60kgs in total.

Boooooo, i can see why people don’t wanna work!

I kept moving.


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